OAKLAND, CA, January 2005 -- Grilled cheese and ham on white bread, chips, cookies and soda. That’s a typical lunch fare for many school-aged children. Is it any wonder so many kids are overweight and unhealthy?

Colorful wrappers and packaging that lure unsuspecting children towards unhealthy foods often feature recognizable characters from Saturday morning cartoons.

Gullible children are drawn to the foods that become associated with fun. Food content became secondary.

That’s when Mindy Myers, CEO of Sound Advice decided to create Medi-NoteNiks: Healthy Eating & Exercise comics. Mindy said, “I felt it was my duty, as a parent, to direct and guide my kids at all times. Of course it wasn’t practical or even possible to offer guidance while they were away at school. That’s when I came up with the idea of a school lunch-time message that promotes healthy eating, exercise, and wellness.”

Comic content includes messages about portion control, choosing water over soda, healthy snacks, eating more fruit and vegetables, getting enough exercise, the influence of body image by the media and many others. Moms place a comic in their child’s lunchbox each day. The notes serve to remind children to live more healthfully, and they offer solutions to the barrage of fat-filled and sugary food temptations. The comics also serve to educate parents who are influential in their children’s eating habits.

According to the North American Association on the Study of Obesity, elementary school-aged children are, on average, 10 pounds heavier today than they were 40 years ago. Teens are, on average, 10 –16 pounds heavier than they were 40 years ago.

Healthy Eating & Exercise comics recently won the prestigious Adding Wisdom Award, a parenting award sponsored by Parent to Parent. The comic note pads were granted the award after a careful review by kids, parents, experts and Family Testers for "adding wisdom" in the lives of children and today's families.

Said Jodie Lynn, internationally syndicated family/health columnist for Parent to Parent, and CEO of, “I knew your wonderful idea of inspiring kids to get healthy through exercise and eating right via note cartoons sounded wonderful. What I didn't know was how you took the unique idea of implementing cartoon characters of children from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds into the message and theme providing inspiration for all children. I can't begin to say enough about this creative and warm appeal to children and families everywhere. In fact, it has led me to approach the drawing board for a new award for the prestigious Adding Wisdom Award -- Most Unique Product Category. I'm blushing here, but if you aspire such motivation in me, just think what your creativity will do for the world!”

Healthy Eating & Exercise comic pads contain 32 different comics per pad and retail for $4 a pad. They are available for sale through the NoteNiks web store:

Concluded Mindy, “While it’s going to take a lot more than comic notes to change the eating habits of our children, Healthy Eating & Exercise comics are a step in the right direction.”

About Sound Advice
Sound Advice, Inc., based in Oakland, Calif., develops educational support products, which enable parents, educators, librarians, dentists, doctors and others to connect with the children in their lives. Research shows that when a child feels commended, guided or appreciated they behave better, make better life decisions, and are more open to learning. Sound Advice’s products include Medi-NoteNiks, Lunchbox NoteNiks, Motivational NoteNiks, Dental NoteNiks and NoteNiks Posters. More information is available at or by calling 510-547-0125.


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