The Book Loverís Haven

February 5, 2006 - Issue 02.06

More Than Victories
By Denise Turney, Author of Portia, Love Has Many Faces and Spiral Ė Where Books Always Make Excellent Gifts!

I can still remember hearing about a gifted basketball player in the community when I was growing up. He was so talented, teachers required less of him. He graduated from high school as one of the top basketball players in the entire country and a second grade reading level. He got a college scholarship, but his basketball career didnít work out. From time to time while watching a sports competition, I wonder what happened to him.

This issue of The Book Loverís Haven features the author of the non-fiction book More Than Victories. Parent to a talented athlete, the author knows the trappings of athletic success in a world where academic excellence is necessary to succeed in the entrepreneur, medical, science and corporate worlds. If you know someone struggling with this issue, it is the authorís hope that you will encourage them to pursue knowledge, despite how fierce they are on the field, track or court.

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