Oikos Global: Taking Another Step Forward

Clarenville, NL February 15, 2006 - Oikos Global, the maker of emotional intelligence games — the Oikos Game Series — and family-oriented products has taken another step forward.

Last month, Oikos Global launched the Oikos Game 3: The Key to Success! This challenging and yet fun board game is designed to help older kids and adults (Ages 10 and up) learn emotional intelligence.

Showing empathy, understanding oneself, managing anger, problem solving, decision making, and relationship management are some of the emotional and interpersonal skills emphasized by this game. In addition, Oikos Game 3 exposes players to success principles and how to say “no” to street drugs and alcohol.

“We’re just excited!” says Dr. Michael Rayel, psychiatrist and inventor of the Oikos Game Series. He continued, “It’s more than a board game. It challenges people to think about certain situations. And it encourages players to know more about themselves and their playmates.” A player has to find the “Key to Success” to win the game.

The Oikos Game Series came out of a desire to develop a tool that can help players understand and learn emotional intelligence skills. In fact, Dr. Rayel’s inspiration is his children.

In 2004, he and his wife Dr. Gayzelle A Meneses-Rayel, a pediatrician, realized that the time was ripe for their four fast-growing children to learn practical life skills — such as dealing with bullies, being assertive, controlling anger, problem solving, and good manners — in a fun way.

Very soon, they created the prototype for Oikos Game: A Personal Development and Emotional Skills Game. Their kids loved playing it. In addition, they were also learning and spending more time together as a family. Through the game, they were able to discuss sensitive issues that happen in school and communities.

“Oikos Game practically helped us teach our children good manners and emotional and people skills without nagging,” says Gayzelle. Since then, the game has taken a life of its own.

Oikos Global was subsequently created. Another more challenging level, Oikos Game Level 2, was published. And last year, Oikos Game won the 2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award!

Oikos Global is now ready to take the plunge. And more educational and family-oriented products will be released this year.

The A 31-Day Series for instance focuses on helping kids learn life skills. The A 31-Day Success Principles for Kids and Teens exposes the young generation to success principles such as being persistent, knowing your purpose, setting goals, and practicing self- discipline among others — concepts that are not commonly emphasized in the classroom.

“Success principles are not just for adults. By exposing young people to these principles give them the opportunity to pursue success,” says Michael who’s also the CEO of Oikos Global and author of several books.

In their clinical practice, both Michael and Gayzelle realize that what most kids think and talk about constantly can determine what they will become. Hence, the A 31-Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens is born. The idea is to teach the young generation what to tell themselves. They both believe that only positive affirmations and good attitude can result in positive success.

Oikos Global is likewise bent in developing products that can promote fun and interaction among friends and family members. With the advent of new technology, everyone within the family unit is doing his or her own thing. The traditional value of a family talking about issues in front of a fireplace has significantly diminished in some families.

So this year, Oikos Global will release Fikloo, a party game and Wordigy, a challenging word game. In addition to being fun and challenging, these two card games are very portable. Families and friends can bring these games to almost anywhere — camps, picnics, parties, cruises, and trips.

“Because of their portability, families can still enjoy the same games they are used to enjoying at home as they travel to far away places as a family,” says Gayzelle.

However, Oikos Global is not just for creating innovative products. Oikos Global is also in the business of recognizing kids and teens who have made a difference in the life of their peers. Starting this year Oikos Global Award, an annual and international competition, will be given to deserving youths. Winners will receive cash rewards, certificates, and medals.

“Social responsibility is one of the reasons why we created Oikos Global. And we are taking this role very seriously,” says Michael.

Indeed, Oikos Global is taking another step forward.

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