Jelly Mom columnist joins the ranks of AWA recipients including Disney.com

GREENFIELD, California - February 16, 2006 - Syndicated parenting humor columnist Lisa Barker's first book "Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane...Doesn't Mean You're A Bad Parent!" is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney.com.

Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com, and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO, has this to say about Barker's first book: "Laugh Out Loud Funny! In reading this incredibly funny book, I could not get enough. I am a huge fan of Lisa Barker, a.k.a. Jelly Mom, and realize that she is as close to Erma Bombeck as anyone I have ever read. I found myself poring over the pages seeking more parent/child humor and running to my husband with book in tow to say, "Remember this age!" If there's only one thing you do for yourself in 2006, be sure purchasing this book is it. A must have for all parents, especially moms."

Barker is thrilled with the recognition. "The heart of my column is motherhood, so it is certainly the heart of "Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane...Doesn't Mean You Are A Bad Parent!" Making moms (and dads) laugh, giving them that break so they can go back to being great parents, is what it's all about. Having this recogninzed with the Adding Wisdom Award is a great honor."

Based on the popular column, the book is chock full of Barker's imaginative wit. She covers all the bases from toddlers to older kids, from staying at home to venturing out in public, and last but not least, a parent's mental and physical health and well-being. All proceeds from the book will benefit the Hugs and Hope Club, http://www.hugsandhope.org.

"Just Because Your Kids Drive You Inane..." is available through Lulu.com. For more details, to preview the book's contents and read excerpts, visit http://www.jellymom.com.

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