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Parent to Parent™ Includes Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama - Mom-in-Chief and others in 13th Year Celebration

Los Angeles, CA (March 09, 2009) - Parent to Parent™ features suggestions from regular people, as opposed to experts, for everyday parenting challenges. The idea of sharing "tried-and-true" advice from real parents to help others in similar situations was such a new concept that many editors shrugged at the possibility of its success. Nevertheless, the column was published in print in 1996 and will celebrate thirteen successful years March 25.

Jodie Lynn, the column's author, says, "I spent years teaching parenting classes, even covering pregnancy and new-baby challenges through teens, and it was easy to see that the most beneficial information that parents took away from them was the tips that we shared together."

A firm believer in the need of moms everywhere to identify with and strengthen each other, Lynn was raised in a multicultural household and taught from an early age to embrace all backgrounds and creeds. She applies that upbringing to her work, not just encouraging moms to gain confidence on an individual level but to share that confidence with others in order to better the parenting community as a whole. Jeremy Martin, Vice President of Marketing,, remarks, "Lynn takes a lot of pride in the fact that the cover of her latest book, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer™) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All, is the first of its kind to feature a group of moms of multiple ethnicities--African American, Caucasian, and Latin American--standing together in representation of the unity that all moms should feel with one another."

When one reaches a milestone such as this, exclusively highlighting your own work is certainly the norm. However, Parent to Parent™ is celebrating thirteen years of success by giving credit to successful and influential individuals who are making positive changes in today's society.

Martin says, "That's just the way Jodie operates. When most would strive to have their 15 minutes of fame, she's recognizing others for their work towards building a better tomorrow for our kids and our families. She's not afraid to downplay her own accomplishments when it means celebrating those who deserve it."

Lynn adds, "People like Oprah Winfrey with her incredible generosity, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton with his awesome child development and parenting books, and supportive teachers, parents and grandparents, have all helped us to build a more emotionally healthy society. Kudos to them and everyone else that uses their talents and their wisdom to help strengthen the world's spirit and hope."

Martin affirms, "Jodie believes that the actions of people like Michelle Obama, who has referred to herself as Mom-in-Chief, help to validate a crucial element in the lives of moms; it's so important to her that one of her major undertakings is convincing moms to embrace the CEO title and boost their self-confidence in all areas of life. Her own CEO acronyms, like Mom CEO™, Mommy CEO™, Chief Household Officer™ and others, and even her 2001 revised book, Mommy CEO (Constantly Evaluating Others) - 5 Golden Rules, encourage moms to take pride in their accomplishments and to consider themselves important. She was the first-ever to compare leadership skills and strategies of the big business CEO to similar skills that moms could successfully implement in helping to run a happy, organized and healthy household, and personal life, through her articles, columns, TV Segments, books, etc., since early 1990 and continues the tradition today."

Please join the Parent to Parent Happy Birthday Celebration by contacting staff via the email address posted on or call (636) 273-3932. There will be various contests for kids and parents, including cool and 100% free prizes beginning mid-March.

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