A Very Proud Puppet: BOCA BETH Program Earns Prestigious Adding Wisdom Award

TAMPA, FL -- Bringing Spanish to life for all children is the dream of Beth Butler, creator/creadora of the BOCA BETH Program. The BOCA BETH Program offers a true bilingual family of DVDs / Videos, CDs, language cards and puppets that capture your child's imagination and stimulates new language learning.

BOCA BETH submitted the BOCA BETH Beginner Set to the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award; developed by Jodie Lynn, nationally syndicated parenting columnist and author -- and BOCA BETH earned a top rating! This easy and affordable Beginner Set contains one engaging DVD, one upbeat bilingual music CD and a whimsical puppet named BOCA - introducing over 160 words/palabras and 35 phrases/frases in English and Spanish to young children.

“Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award committees look for products that entertain and teach, inspire imagination & creativity. Once the product is approved by the committees, the item is then given to a family for testing and evaluation. The committees are interested in how a product helps a child grow ethically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.” states Jodie Lynn.

Additionally, Lynn explains, "We use experts from all around the country: parents, teachers, librarians, pediatricians, psychologists, media critics, child care facilities and directors and other professionals who are involved with children on a daily basis. They are considered our Family Testers. All reviewers must be a parent. The Family Testers are real families who test the products. We listen to the kids and their parents for kid-tested and kid-approved evaluations."

"The BOCA BETH Program is quickly becoming parents' #1 choice in bilingual education for their young children ages birth through 10! Today's parents know introducing a second language early is the secret to becoming bilingual. Children will sing, dance and play as they learn Español y Inglés with the BOCA BETH Program. Learning a new language will never be this fun and easy again!" states Beth Butler.

Butler believes the entire family can benefit from the gift of learning a second language, and BOCA the puppet is very proud to be a part of the Adding Wisdom Award, "If BOCA could speak for himself, he'd tell you how orgulloso/proud he is to be a part of this award."

For more information on BOCA BETH, visit their web site at: http://www.bocabeth.com or contact Beth Butler Toll-Free at 877-825-2622 (BOCA), Tampa, FL 813-855-5393, bocabeth@bocabeth.com


Beth Butler
Creator of the BOCA BETH Program
Share the gift of a second language today!!!
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