Adding Wisdom Award Selects Mother's Day Gifts for 2005

Los Angeles, CA (April 28, 2005) -- "Mom's are important people and we have chosen some pretty cool items for people to think about as gifts for that special mom in their life," says creator of AddingWisdomAward, Jodie Lynn.

"We are excited in helping these companies and other organizations in making a difference in the world for families as we work together for a positive impact on society."

Adding Wisdom winners for the 2005 Mother's Day include:

- - a place where kids can create their own artwork on cups, t-shirts and so much more

- FlowBar, Two Minute Exercise Bar (AS SEEN ON TV) 100% Guarantee because it's amazing

- ExpectantSee® Pregnancy - timeline screensaver with: 9 months of growing, moving images, pictures that change over time, fascinating pregnancy facts, and info that attaches your stage.

- Cooking Light - focused on Healthy Living - not chronic dieting. A pure joy for smart and delicious meals!

- Bon Appetit - a magazine that will inspire your most delectable eating experiences.

- Cooking 'Round The Clock - a great new cookbook by TV cooking personality, Rachel Ray

- - a resource site for parents and teachers who want to raise kids who care about themselves and their world.

Winners also include family books, such as the newly released, "In the Beginning...There Were No Diapers," by self-syndicated humor columnist Tim Bete and upcoming "Would Someone Please Send Me to My Room!" by humor columnist, Bob Schwartz.

"We are very pleased with our 2005 Mother's Day winners and will continue to ensure that the review process by the Family Testers is balanced and fair. Each one has to be a parent and help to tabulate the votes," says Lynn.

A complete list of 2005 winners can be seen at Submission call dates are now posted on the site for upcoming holidays, as well as, any time of the year products and websites including the brand new Christmas in July series.

Lynn says, "We are the only award site that is offering a 'Christmas in July' Holiday Gift Guide to early bird shoppers for a jump on the Holiday season. It's for people who get their shopping done very early so that they can focus on travel and dinner party planning - which allows them to spend more time with family."

For more information on the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award, see or contact e-mail protected from spam bots.

Jodie Lynn coined the term, "Mom CEO" and "Mommy CEO," and "CEO Mom" and all of their implications in striving for "balance in the lives of moms/women," at work and in the home, since 1989 and has been in print since 1996. Mom CEOT Merchandise is now available at "All moms are working moms and are the real CEOs in life!"

Keryn Short


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