Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2005) - Army families looking for child rearing advice now have a brand new place to turn.

ArmyWifeTalkRadio -- (ArmyWifeTalkRadio.com), an online and Internet Radio resource for Army wives and their kids, has enlisted the help of nationally-syndicated parenting and family expert, Jodie Lynn.

Lynn will offer her parenting and family expertise for wives of ArmyWifeTalkRadio.com in the format of parenting/family segments to help with parenting and family challenges.

"ArmyWifeTalkRadio is extremely excited about adding Jodie Lynn to our Panel of Experts. Her parenting and family expertise will take our level of parenting advice and information up many levels. We know our listeners will benefit greatly from her expertise and knowledge, especially since her dad was a service man," Army Wife CEO and Founder Tara Crooks said.

"Lynn's contribution to our new site and radio program will include parenting and family strategies to help moms present their best foot forward for a successful home life and effective parenting, especially when it's coming from only one parent. ArmyWifeTalkRadio's goal is to provide the tools and resources to make an already strained, and sometimes lonely family life, a win-win solution for the moms, children and our society, says Crooks."

"I'm thrilled to be helping ArmyWifeTalkRadio become a proactive resourceful site. It's a topic close to my heart and know from experience that for many of today's kids, it's a reality that affected hundreds of thousands of families," says the award-winning family columnist, of Parent to Parent.

"We hope to provide all of the resources wives and moms need to have to make a successful home with a healthy, loving family environment. We strongly believe in helping parents create lifestyles that enable them more flexibility to truly enjoy their family and their life while dealing with their spouses being away," Crooks adds.

Lynn is an internationally syndicated parenting columnist, parent educator and author. Her column, Parent to Parent, is available in newspapers throughout the United States and Canada, parenting publications, magazines, a multitude of popular websites and radio. She also is a best-selling author. Her latest paperback book, Mommy-CEO, 2001 is a family/parenting book. She is a contributor to two other books, one of which was on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and is working on her third.

For direct interviews with Lynn, email, info@parenttoparent.com. To contact Tara Crooks, email info@armywifetalkradio.com.

For radio, TV, magazine or specific articles, please contact Anne Leedom at (916) 939-8246 PST.


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