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Oikos Game Won the 2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award

Clarenville, NL - Oikos Global announces its recent achievement. Oikos Game won the 2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award. This prestigious award has been given since 1997 and it aims to recognize quality, fun, safe, family-friendly products including toys and games.

The Oikos Game is an "emotional intelligence" game that aims to teach kids personal development and emotional skills such as being assertive, problem solving, showing empathy, and dealing with bullies. Dr. Gayzelle Meneses-Rayel, co-founder of Oikos Global says that aside from being fun, Oikos Game also provides a safe and secure venue for families to talk about sensitive issues that are not commonly talked about in the homes.

"The kids loved this game. It's actually very family friendly, fun, educational and teaches valuable lessons building life skills that kids need to succeed in every day activities in life...including school/social and people skills. It's amazing!" says Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, and CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com. She is also the author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.

Dr. Michael Rayel, a psychiatrist and inventor of Oikos Game, is proud of this accomplishment. "It's an honor to win this tough competition. The award's criteria are stringent. Being recognized by a third party however simply confirms what we believe all along about Oikos Game," says Dr. Rayel who is also the CEO of Oikos Global.

Oikos Global is the maker of emotional intelligence games: The Oikos Game Series and The CEO. Oikos Game 3: The Key to Success, for 10 and up, is coming soon. It aims to teach individuals emotional skills and practical strategies to prevent use of street drugs and alcohol. Other new, fun, and quality products from Oikos Global include Wordigy, Fikloo, and Affirmation Cards.

Oikos Global also recognizes and honors kids and teens who make a difference in the lives of their peers through Oikos Global Award, an international competition given annually. Individuals or organizations can participate in the contest. The application deadline is December 01, 2005. For more information, please visit WWW.oikosglobal.com/.

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