Parent To Parent Recognizes "Jelly Mom" Parenting Humor Column By Lisa Barker

GREENFIELD, CA - July 13, 2005 -- The award-winning parenting humor column, "Jelly Mom," has won the very prestigious Parent To Parent Adding Wisdom Award. Columnist Lisa Barker is honored to accept the award. "After a year of reading my column, Martin-Ola Press/Parent to Parent CEO, Jodie Lynn, offered me two outstanding achievements. One was to syndicate "Jelly Mom" and the other was to be recognized with the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award...that's no small potatoes since Disney has just honored the award by linking back to it (the first time ever that they have acknowledged any award program with a link). I'm thrilled to be a recipient and to be the very first column to reach syndication status with Parent to Parent," says Barker.

"Jelly Mom" has been grabbing the attention of moms (and dads) everywhere with a fun and upbeat style. Sure, it's not difficult to find a mom writing from home about the challenges of parenthood these days, but who really stands out?

One of the key differences with "Jelly Mom" is Barker's voice and writing style which slips easily into dialogue or an imaginatiive spin on reality. Of course the audience knows she's exaggerating, but Barker does it so well that we're willing to go along for the ride and we are never disappointed. "Jelly Mom" will make you giggle one day and laugh out loud the next.

Publishers, editors and readers are very pleased with "Jelly Mom" claiming that the column is a popular feature on websites and in newsletters and e-zines. "Jelly Mom" is currently a weekly feature in the Eureka Reporter, a northern California newspaper, as well as on several parenting websites including internationally syndicated columnist Jodie Lynn's website

Lynn has this to say about "Jelly Mom": "I am very impressed with Lisa Barker's columns. She makes me laugh 'out loud' and comes as close to Erma Bombeck as I've ever seen. After meeting Erma's father last year at the workshop where I spoke, I know Lisa could easily make parents laugh just as much -- if not more!"

Publishers and editors interested in featuring "Jelly Mom" in their publication should contact Be sure to ask about a free three-month trial.

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