"Behavioral Miracles" by Dr. Passer Recognized With Adding Wisdom Award

(PRWEB) July 28, 2005 -- The DVD, How to Create a Juvenile Delinquent-NOT, created by a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist has been awarded the prestigious Adding Wisdom Award for 2005 from the Parent to Parent organization. The DVD takes only 20 minutes to view and will teach parent how to help their kids behave much better right away.

Let's face it, it's not easy raising kids these days. Being a parent is one of the most challenging experiences one will ever have. It is a child's "job" to test limits, and the parents need to then set appropriate limits. But just how to do it, that is the real challenge.

Kevin M. Passer, M.D. is a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. He received his specialized training at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In his many years of practice he has seen over 10,000 kids and their families. Dr. Passer has created a twenty minute DVD presentation which teaches the viewer ten steps to help children ages two to ten improve their behavior. He explains in simple to understand language each of the steps, why they work and how to apply them. He also has actual demonstrations for special skills like how parents should perform effective Time Outs and Ignoring procedures with their children.

On his website: www.2behave.com, Dr. Passer offers a course on How to Improve Your Child's Self Esteem. One may sign up for the course and will then receive via e-mail five separate daily installments. There is no obligation to purchase anything as the course is free of charge. The DVD may be purchased for $24.95 plus shipping and handling. A money back guarantee is offered if one is not completely satisfied.

Review "Dr. Passer's DVD, 'How to Create a Juvenile Delinquent NOT,' is right on target and will surely help parents understand the exact reasoning behind his sincere expert advice. Look at it this way, he has years and years of experience in working with kids on a wide variety of challenges so why wouldn't anyone want to implement his winning behavior modification guidelines into their own parenting skills -- it's a win win situation." ~ Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of www.AddingWisdomAward.com, and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO

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Press Contact: Kevin Passer
Email: drpasser@2behave.com
Phone: 601-264-0055
Website: www.2behave.com

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