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"Financially Intelligent Parent" Honored as Adding Wisdom Award Recipient

Website Selected for "Affordable Back to School Products 2005"Guide

LOS ANGELES, CA...(September 20, 2005)…The Financially Intelligent Parent website ( has been selected as recipient of the prestigious "Adding Wisdom" award from the Parent to Parent organization, and as a participant in the "Affordable Back to School Products 2005" Guide. The award recognizes Financially Intelligent Parent founders’ Eileen Gallo, Ph.D., and Jon Gallo, J.D., and their mission to give parents the tools and knowledge necessary to raise children with strong, healthy, money and life values.

"The kids, as well as the parents, loved this site and family friendly software. It's actually fun and inspires healthy responsibility and valuable lessons in promoting self-esteem. As a former teacher, I was totally amazed with the whole interactive theme for such a positive result. Who says getting kids organized and motivated to become a positive contributing member of the family and society had to be hard...Financially Intelligent Parent just blew that theory out of the water," said Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO and founder of, and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.

The Financially Intelligent Parent’s website and array of family-focused educational products were created to reinforce the principles outlined in the Gallos’ book, "The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous, Responsible Children ($12.95, Penguin/New American Library).

The book helps parents understand the profound influence their actions and words have on their children about money issues. "The line of products includes CDs, workbooks, specialty savings banks, a Learn to Save Action Plan, Family Conversation Starters, and other items. Prices range from $12.95 to $95.95, and are available at: The book, "Financially Intelligent Parents," is available from Barnes & Noble ( and Amazon (

"As concerned parents and advocates for positive money values for parents and their children, we applaud Jodie Lynn and her organization, Parent to Parent, in its mission of promoting the family," said Eileen Gallo, Ph.D., and Jon Gallo, J.D., founders of Financially Intelligent Parent, authors, and family experts on children, money and values. "The Adding Wisdom Award and Product Guide shines a light on quality products that help children grow ethically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically; a terrific resource for today’s parents."

About Financially Intelligent Parent
Internationally-known experts on children, families and money, the Gallos are authors of the book "The Financially Intelligent Parent: 8 Steps to Raising Successful, Generous and Responsible Children" (Penguin Group/ New American Library Division) and "Silver Spoon Kids: How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children (McGraw-Hill). They are principals of The Gallo Institute, a national organization offering education to families and financial advisors on the issues of families, children and money. For more information:

About Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award
Established in 1998, this award honors products of outstanding quality that support family values and is the only award program ever to be honored with a reciprocal link from The Adding Wisdom Award committees are comprised of experts from across the United States who are involved with children on a daily basis. These committees look for products that entertain and teach, inspiring imagination and creativity. Additionally, the committees are interested in how products help children grow ethically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically. After the committees approve products, the items are then given to Family Testers - real families – for testing and evaluation before final decisions are reached. Gifts for moms and dads and Healthy Choices have now been added.



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