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Spintastik For The Family - Winner of Three of Awards

Spin for Chores-- Spin for Rewards—Fun and Fair For the Whole Family!

Portland, Maine, September 25, 2007/ Spintastik For The Family has been recognized as a exemplary product for parents and families. The book has won the following awards: Parent To Parent Adding Wisdom Award 2007, in four categories, iParenting Media Award and Silver Medal in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards.

If you think getting your kids excited about chores is impossible, give Spintastik a whirl. Spintastik is an invaluable tool for creating harmony in the home by making chores fair and fun. Children spin for chores on the colorful wheel, and then complete the chores they spun for. When all the chores are complete, the children spin for a reward. The Spintastik system motivates kids, creates a sense of ownership among all family members, and spreads responsibility evenly. It builds teamwork and rewards helpful behavior. Doing chores is no longer a drag when you do it the Spintastik way!

The Spintastik Book/Kit includes:
  • A 32-page guidebook
  • Two-sided, full-color magnetic spinner board
  • 32 colorful chore & reward magnets including blanks to create your own
  • Spinner
  • Erasable marking pen
Examples of the pre-made Spintastik chores magnets are “Fold Laundry,” “Pick Up Room,” “Clear Table” and blanks for creating your own to suit your family’s needs. Some of the reward wheel treats might include “Later Bed Time”, “Invite a Friend” and “Pick a Movie.” Not only is family time created by the togetherness of pitching in for chores, but many of the rewards also involve family time like playing a game or having a treat.

Based on chance, the Spintastik system is fun and fair and also does away with traditional gender stereotypes. The assignment of chores is random, so preconceived notions such as girls should help in the kitchen and boys should take out the trash, no longer apply. Spintastik is highly effective, turning chores into a game with great results. Any family can customize Spintastik to work well with their own needs and family structure. Spintastik turns work into fun.

Spintastik For The Family

By Jennifer R. Nolan & Tory Dietel Hopps

Ronnie Sellers Productions

October 2005

ISBN 1-56906-587-X


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