Sparka unsurpassed in three different categories for Adding Wisdom Award!

December 5, 2007—(Reno, NV)---The prestigious Adding Wisdom Award from Parent to Parent Magazin has just been awarded to Sparka™, known as the world’s healthiest thirst quencher, produced by Medicus Formulas. The Adding Wisdom Award is an annual presentation that seeks to recognize excellence in the fields of new products and services that are beneficial for the whole family. Sparka was recognized as being unsurpassed in three different categories – “Health & Fitness for Family”, “Food and Beverage”, and “Unique Products”.

That Sparka won in all three categories is not surprising, because Sparka is the ONLY bottled drink available today that has no sugar, zero calories, and no artificial sweeteners. It truly is unique in the marketplace, and that’s why families, health care providers, people watching their calorie intake—anyone interested in improved health—have all turned to Sparka as the only beverage they’ll consider or recommend. It is nothing short of the perfect drink, one that enhances health rather than undermine it, as so many beverages do.

"Why are we ingesting all that sugar, or chemicals, when all we want to do is hydrate? What does sugar have to do with thirst?," asks Dr. Josh Leichtberg, M.D., who helped formulate Sparka. "Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to various health problems—most especially obesity and diabetes, but also many other serious diseases. It's very satisfying to know that we can help solve these critical health issues, with a natural, healthful drink that people love?"

The Adding Wisdom Award panel evaluates products based on feedback from parents, kids, child care providers, and experts nationwide. It was created by Jodie Lynn, an award-winning and internationally syndicated family/health columnist, published author, and television and radio personality. Her syndicated column, Parent to Parent, has been a trusted resource for families for over ten years.

Past recipients have included, PBS Kids TV, and Phonics for Babies. The Adding Wisdom Award is also the only such honor that has been recognized by the Disney Online News Awards for their outstanding work in helping families recognize and support products and services that are beneficial for the entire family.

Sparka is available in four natural flavors, each of which includes essential vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation. And Sparka contains no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners (like aspartame, sucralose or sugar alcohols) and no phosphoric acid (an ingredient in most colas thought to contribute to bone leaching in children). Drinking Sparka will actually strengthen bones rather than weaken them.

Sparka is the only drink of its kind available today , and is really the only choice for families, growing kids, health-conscious consumers, and indeed, anyone looking for a refreshing, great-tasting drink without the attendant sugar and/or chemical load.

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