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JOY STORIES ANNOUNCES TWO NEW AUDIO BEDTIME STORIES East Hanover, New Jersey Đ August 15, 2003 - Joy Stories has just announced that they will release two new titles in January of 2005, totaling eight titles in the series presently. The J.J. La Luna a dba Joy Stories continues to grow rapidly with unique products that help children by reducing stress and building their self-esteem, as well as creating a positive bedtime experience. Joy Stories has won 15 awards in the past two and a half years, including iparenting (http://iparentingmediaawards.com), Adding Wisdom (http://www.parenttoparent.com), and Dr. Toy Best of 2004 (http://www.drtoy.com).

"The stories teach children positive social skills; provide them with ways to cope with negative emotional states and provide insight into how to solve problems that they face daily," says Joy Frost, educator and founder of Joy Stories. "When a child goes to bed at night he/she needs to have positive thoughts that help to see himself/herself as someone who achieves. Stories provide children with just that, positive, peaceful thoughts and suggestions for achieving in their own lives." says Frost.

The two new titles, "Lucky Goes To The Hospital" and "Koda's New Neighboorhood", with a cat and squirrel as the central characters, provide insight into going to the doctor and/or hospital and moving to a new neighborhood or school. Coping with these changes can be stressful for a child. Stories can reduce that stress and provide insights for positive change.

Review Copies

Members of the press may obtain a review copy by contacting Julie Othen.
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E-Mail: Julie@joystories.com

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