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Entries for the Hottest Gift Guide to Spend Christmas Cash!

Los Angeles, CA -- (December 21, 2006) - Entries for the Hottest Gift Guide to Spend Christmas Cash!

AWA just released their Sixth Annual Holiday Gift Guide and is now calling entries for the Hottest Gift Guide to Spend Christmas Cash, which will be published 01/22/07.

Parent to Parent™ has been awarding the Adding Wisdom Award™ since 1998. Among those touted within the prestigious and exclusive Winner's Circle includes companies such as,, and a new TV Program, PBS Kid‘s TV, "In the Mix," ( and new site,

In 2004, the programs expanded in acknowledging toys, books, video/audio, and other family-friendly products, including magazines, radio/TV programming, gifts for moms/dads, health oriented products, household tools, systems in getting organized and two new categories, Business Books and Cooking Books.

"It's a time-consuming job but has been incredibly rewarding and tons of fun, especially since we try to stay focused on utilizing real moms, dads and kids for our Family Testing Group; this is extremely important in receiving bona fide feedback from everyday families," says Lynn.

Lynn has recently become the host of a new international radio talk show, Inside Parenting Success, where she offers interviews to winners of the AWA.

She says, "This is the perfect opportunity to provide award winners a chance to showcase and discuss their products/sites. It’s been a great whirlwind success with current subscribers reaching more than 35,000!"

Through invitation only, Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ was featured in a full page article in a special Parent and Educator 2006 Edition in Games Quarterly Magazine.

About Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™

Established in 1998, by award-winning syndicated family/health columnist and best-selling author, Jodie Lynn, this award honors products of outstanding quality that support family values and includes websites and radio/TV programs. The Adding Wisdom Award™ committees consist of experts from across the nation who looks for products that entertain and teach, inspiring imagination and creativity. Additionally, they are interested in how products help children, and families in general, gain ethical, social, intellectual, emotional and physical awareness. Items are given to Family Testers - real families - for testing and evaluation before final decisions are reached. AWA has added new categories: gifts for moms/ dads, household tools, getting organized, cooking and business books. Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ is the only award program to ever be honored by See for more details.

About Jodie Lynn:

Jodie Lynn is an internationally syndicated columnist and radio personality. Parent to Parent™ ( is now going into its eleventh year and appears in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, parenting publications and throughout the Internet. She is a regular contributor to many sites including,, and Lynn is the host of the new radio talk show, Inside Parenting Success and has written four books and contributed to three others, one of which was on Oprah and has appeared on NBC in a three month parenting segment. Her latest books are, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! (June 2006) and Syndication Secrets - What No One Will Tell You! (March 2006). See for more details.

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